It can be a lonely time of year, so here are some of the perks of singledom to remind you why it isn’t all that bad!

1. Star fishing in bed! – this has to be the best one. Absolutely blissful sleep, without a snoring drunk lump next to you who has had 1 too many beers at their Christmas party! 


2. You can focus on yourself, your career, your friends, your you you, which leads to point 3…


3. It’s ok to be a bit selfish – indulge yourself, treat yourself to presents, I like to spend what I would spend on a man on myself…hello designer boots 😍. Plus…no stress over the perfect gift for your other half, too much pressure!


4.You can hang out with your friends more – last minute plans are much easier when there’s only yourself to worry about. Go to all the Christmas parties, no FOMO 💃🏻.


5. No need to look good at all times! – scrape your greasy hair up, put your gorilla legs up and chill the fuck out.


6. No crazy in-law’s to have to be polite with.


7. No petty arguments like having to put up with football (or any other sport) – you can forget about the battle of whether we watch Made in Chelsea over Chelsea FC.


8. You can flirt until your heart’s content – everyone loves a bit of a festive flirt, it’s 100% guilt free. Grab the mistletoe.


9. No overthinking things – as a girl I’m a big over thinker so it’s great to have the head space and not analyse whether that 1 “X” at the end of a message is a sign that he’s moving too quick or if that lack of immediate response means they’re not into you or maybe he is playing it cool, treat em mean keep it mean style?!?! 

giphy (3).gif

10. And finally you can be 100% your real self – quirks and all, when you meet someone new sometimes you have to tone down the kookie stuff for a while to avoid scaring them! Yes…I faint purely from having my pulse taken. No…I can’t sleep with my feet tucked in. Yes…I tell lots of long boring stories. No…I can’t keep secrets 🙊. 


Merry Christmas all!

Sophie x